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MnCOSE18 Exhibitor Workshop Proposals

Feb 5, 2018 - Oct 15, 2018

Welcome to the Minnesota Science Teacher’s Association Minnesota Conference on Science Education (MnCOSE18) to be held at the Rivers Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud November 9 - 10, 2018.
Any exhibitor at MnCOSE18 is welcome to also submit a proposal for an Exhibitors Workshop.  Exhibitors Workshops may only be presented by Exhibitors that have a booth at MnCOSE18.
All exhibitors workshops will be presented along with other sessions on Friday, November 9th.  We welcome you to submit a proposal here to present an Exhibitors Workshop.  MnCOSE18 NonProfit Exhibitor Workshops are priced at $150 (Early Fee) or $175 (Regular Fee) and Commercial Exhibitor Workshops are priced at $250 (Early Fee) or $275 (Regular Fee) per 45-minute session.

To create one or more proposals, click on the appropriate button at the bottom of the page.  After completing the form, choose "Save".

You'll need to register each presentation separately, please.  In this system, "quantity' refers to the number of times a specific session is repeated--which will likely be just "1" for each session.  

Choose 'Save' and then 'Finish and Submit' after creating the proposal to enter it into our system and begin the payment process.  To submit multiple Exhibitor Workshops, choose 'continue shopping' after completing one submission to create another.

Please direct questions about Exhibiting or Exhibitor Workshop Proposals to Joe Reymann, Exhibitors Chair, at

Thank you!


After completing and submitting the workshop proposal form, review your answers and choose 'Finish and Submit' at the bottom of the page.
This will take you to the billing page to enter your payment information.  To include additional workshop proposals, choose 'Continue Shopping' and complete an additional proposal by choosing "Create an Exhibitors Workshop Proposal" again.  Be sure to leave the 'quantity' on each proposal at "1".