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posted on 9:43 AM, July 8, 2010
A comet hits the earth,
It’s made of methane ice.
It makes a giant force.
Now isn’t that so nice?
So what made it come here?
What made it hit the earth?
The answer’s very clear, my friend,
It fills you up with mirth.

Gravity, gravity
Keeps us on the ground
An apple fell on Newton
He said, “What goes up comes down.”
Gravity, gravity
Mass times nine point eight.
Remember, travel very fast
If earth you must escape.

Walk around the earth;
Keep a steady pace.
If gravity weren’t here
You’d float away in space.
Call it what you want,
Call it any name.
But this force is a heavy weight,
Attraction is its game!
— tune: “Jingle Bells”