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STEM lessons and videos from PBS

by , posted on 12:11 PM, May 22, 2021
Check out these science and engineering lessons and videos from PBS LearningMedia.


From PBS LearningMedia:

From suspension bridges to gumdrop domes, help students in grades 2-12 test out easy design projects to get familiar with how math and science work together for building.
Exploring the outdoors is a hands-on way of learning about the environment and the world around you. In Elinor Wonders Why, outdoor activities are common amongst the curious trio Elinor, Ari, and Olive. Check out these 5 activities that will engage your students in exploring their creativity, curiosity, and most importantly, the outdoors.
Students can explore topics like force and motion by observing the world around them, letting loose with fun dance moves, and interacting with music.