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Summer Olympics and Science

by , posted on 9:00 AM, July 23, 2021
The Summer Olympics begin this week. Check out these resources explaining the science behind the events.


Inside the surprisingly complex engineering process that creates an Olympic torch:

How Abebe Bikila won the Olympic marathon without shoes:

The Physics Behind the Prefect Dive:
The Science of Steroids - Keeping the Olympics Fair:
Why Do Athletes Wear All That Weird Tape?:
What Extreme Heat Means for the Future of the Summer Olympics:
DNR Minnesota Conservation Volunteer: Young Naturalist series
"Seven Natural Champions": Young Naturalists meet some of nature's best swimmers, divers, jumpers, and wrestlers.     Story      Teachers guide      Study questions

Science of the Summer Olympics: Engineering in Sports:

Summer Olympics Science:

Japanese scientists warn that Tokyo Olympics could help spread COVID-19:

The Science Behind a Faster, Higher, Stronger Team USA:

Lesson of the Day: ‘The Tokyo Olympics Explained’:

 The Physics Behind Gymnastics, Explained (Vaults, Tumbles, and Flips):