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Resources from BSCS

by , posted on 9:05 AM, August 10, 2022
Discover resources to support classroom instruction, professional learning, leadership work, and citizen science efforts.


Making Evidence-Driven Decisions in a Media-Driven World

  • new curriculum modules for middle school and high school students
  •  free materials
  • help students learn strategies that they can use to evaluate the health-related information that they see or hear in the media

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Invitations to Inquiry with FieldScope

  • help middle and high school students work with community and citizen science data
  • each lesson engages students in interpreting graphs and maps to learn about where the data are collected and what they mean
  • designed for 2-4 days of learning
  • supports the science and engineering practices from the Next Generation Science Standards
  • includes teacher guides, slides, handouts, and other instructional resources

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Engineering in the Garden

  • facilitate students in engineering design
  • all the program resources are also freely available
  • students research peas’ needs, develop prototypes, design and build full-size trellises in the schoolyard, test those trellises in a range of likely environmental conditions, revise their designs, and plant and grow peas 

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