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The Ideal Physics Song

posted on 9:48 AM, July 8, 2010
Masses slide down frictionless inclines
Wheels will spin eternally
Light rays converge from perfectly straight lines
And functions change incrementally

Everybody knows things really don’t behave this way
And still we all pretend they do
Tiny tops have no spin, so they say,
And we convince ourselves it’s true

We know it’s true only to first order
That crystals act as if they haven’t any border
And only freshmen have to try
To see that E and B point just in x and y

Remember one is on the order of infinity
And dividing by zero ain’t so bad
With these helpful hints, all is simplicity
It’s the real world (it’s the real world)
It’s the real world that’sad.
— tune: “The Christmas Song” — from The Official Oberlin College Physics Songbook