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Glory, Glory, Albert Einstein

posted on 9:48 AM, July 8, 2010
Oh Albert Einstein changed the ways of things both bound and free
With his general and his special types of relativity
We only wish that these applied to things that we could see
His light goes speeding on.

Chorus: Glory, glory, Albert Einstein
What a genius, Albert Einstein
As we travel on our time line
In space-time we’ll remain.

He told us if we got close to a certain value “c”
The universe would flatten out but only in 1-D
At .8c a four by five would seem like four by three
His light goes speeding on. (Repeat chorus)

Though warped time-space the human race completely disregards
The ‘nomalies Einstein’s theories predict in our regards
We can’t see the curvature here in our own backyards
His light goes speeding on. (Repeat chorus)
— tune: “Battle Hymn of the Republic” — from The Official Oberlin College Physics Songbook