Geo-Inquiry Institute for Earth Science Teachers

June 26 - 28, 2018

This summer the Minnesota Alliance for Geographic Education, along with National Geographic will offer a 3-day institute for Middle School Earth Science and Social Studies teachers based on a new interactive geography education program: The Geo-Inquiry Process.

Geo-Inquiry is a process designed to guide educators and students through the phases of asking and answering geographic/environmental questions in order to make a difference in the world. The Geo-Inquiry Process consists of five phases—all of which are guided and grounded in geographic/environmental concepts, including how to think and see like a geographer exploring the world.

The Five Phases of Geo-Inquiry

  1. Ask: Developing Environmental Questions
  2. Collect: Acquiring Environmental Information
  3. Visualize: Organizing and Analyzing Environmental Information
  4. Create: Developing a Geo-Inquiry Story
  5. Act: Geo-Inquiry Stories in Action

Using both an environmental perspective and the Geo-Inquiry Process, educators will teach students how to connect complex components, see patterns, and make connections that change their communities.

The institute will be held at Macalester College June 26-28, 2018. Participants will receive 18 CEUS and a $100 stipend.   The application is available at

Applicants will be accept until the institute reaches full enrollment. For further information contact or Michele Melius

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