Free Workshop: 10 Plants That Changed Minnesota

April 28, 2017

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Do you know the 10 Plants that changed Minnesota? Learn these plants along with fun and educational STEM activities that meet Minnesota graduation standards. Designed for middle and high school students, but easily adapted to younger students, activities range from measuring the value of a tree, measuring wild rice populations in Minnesota lakes, how plant breeders produce new apples and how to measure lawn fertilizer. Who should attend? Anyone who teaches kids and wants to learn more about plants and Minnesota! 

Plan now to attend 10 Plants That Changed Minnesota teacher training free workshops with breakfast and lunch provided, 6 hours of continuing education, PLUS all science teachers receive the new 10 Plants That Changed Minnesota book and the 70-page 10 Plants Teachers Activities Handbook.

Twelve workshops will be held throughout Minnesota throughout the year. See the table below for dates and locations and Register for a free workshop near you!




3 Mar


Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, Schoolyard Garden Conference

28 Apr

St. Cloud

St. Cloud Regional Extension Office

16 May


Family Service Center of Clay County

17 May

Fergus Falls

Lakes County Service Coop

19 May

Thief River Falls

Northwest Service Cooperative

20 Jun


U of MN Research and Outreach Center

22 Jun


Forestry Center Library

27 Jun


Brainerd Extension Regional Office

14 Jul


Rochester Regional Extension Office

24 Oct


Sakatah Room, U of MN Extension Regional Office Mankato

14 Nov


U of MN Research and Outreach Center

16 Nov


Morris Regional Extension Office


For more information contact: Mary Meyer, 612-301-1247; University of Minnesota Horticultural Science professor and extension horticulturist.

10 Plants that Changed Minnesota is now available to order!

10 Plants that Changed Minnesota is a book to inspire Minnesotans of all ages to learn and reflect on the 10 plants that have most impacted our state.  10 Plants that Changed Minnesota is available to buy through the Minnesota Historical Society.

If you are a school or an educator interested in ordering the book for your classroom, please contact Matt Horstman at

The 10 Plants Teacher Activities Handbook (8 MB) is a companion publication to the 10 Plants that Changed Minnesota book. This Handbook was created especially for Minnesota middle and high school life science teachers with fun, engaging and meaningful STEM activities designed for students involving each of the 10 plants. Each chapter begins with the list of Minnesota Academic Standards that are specifically addressed followed by more than 70 classroom activities, many of them interactive. Teacher resources are included along with answers to each activity. Each chapter is a stand-alone unit that can be completed individually, using one or two of the activities for a short, 30-40 minute time period. Activities can be used on a a daily or weekly basis, using all 10 Plants or selecting ones that are especially appropriate to your classroom or county.

Ten Plants That Changed Minnesota is protected by copyright. Permission to photocopy pages from this book for educational use in K-12 schools will be granted at no charge on the condition that the teacher sends an e-mail to listing the school, town, grade level, and number of students. Teachers who wish to assign extracts from the book in college classes are asked to follow their institution’s usual practices for use of copyrighted material.

Educators will find many ideas to teach plant science as well as the importance of plants for Minnesota on this 10 Plants website. Content information on each plant is listed on a separate page, along with references and additional resources.

Activities by age are listed on the For Youth page.

Reading Lists for Adults and Youth complied by the Andersen Horticultural Library are found on the Resources page.

Add your thoughts on educational ideas using the 10 Plants by using our Add Your Thoughts page.