Science Teachers and Race: Let’s Talk and Teach

October 3, 2017

Science teachers: it's time to take up the challenge! Let's talk in our middle and high school. classes about the social construction (or psuedo-science ) of race developed in the 1700's How? Let's craft our lessons together!

Our questions to guide the discussion will be, "Why talk about race?” and “How was the social construction of race originally supported by science and how can we unpack this concept in our classrooms?" The session will involve learning and discussion to 1) develop a common understanding of the social construction of race, and 2) understand how science was used to support this construct. The third component of the session will be collaborative work to modify current lessons in order to integrate concepts about race and racism into current genetics and heredity lessons taught in seventh and tenth grade science classes. This workshop is presented by Equity Alliance.

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