SciMathMN and Ignite Afterschool: 2nd Biennial Joint Conference.

November 29 - 30, 2017

SciMathMN and Ignite Afterschool: 2nd Biennial Joint Conference. 

Conference held at the University of Minnesota Continuing Education Center from November 29-30.


Building Skills

November 29 - 30, 2017

St. Paul, MN

University of Minnesota Continuing Education Conference Center

Conference Tracks

Investigate - the 'what and why of effective STEM and afterschool learning. Key focuses areas will include ways to create meaningful learning experiences for youth both in and out of school, the importance of helping youth build a healthy 'STEM identity'. issues of access and equity in education, and how STEM and afterschool learning can address our future workforce needs.

Connect - with each other while learning about successful collaborations, partnerships and policies that close gaps in young people's access to and achievement in high quality afterschool and STEM learning opportunities.

Advance - high quality afterschool and STEM learning opportunities for youth. A key focus will be on effective practices and curriculum that empower and inspire youth and bring our math and science standards to life.

Target Audiences:

  • STEM d ofterschool educators (both formal and informal)
  • Afterschool program providers (interested in STEM, workforce skills and S(L)
  • (under. d industry partners interested in STEM and afterschool learning


Join us as we investigate, connect, and advance formal and informal STEM education and workforce development.

Registration & Request for Session Proposals opens later this Summer 2017.

SciMathMN is a non-profit, statewide education and business coalition advocating for quality pre-K-16 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education based on research, national standards and effective practices.   Major initiatives include policymaker briefings, the STEM Teacher Center online resource and the Minnesota STEM Network.

Ignite Afterschool, Minnesota’s Afterschool Network, advances policy and research, promotes quality afterschool programming, and strengthens partnerships to ensure that all Minnesota’s youth have access to afterschool and summer learning opportunities that inspire learning and prepare them for success in school, work, and life.