Science House: The Race Institute for School-Based Teams

July 31 - August 4, 2017

Science House Professional Development – Summer Institutes & Programs

Join our nationally recognized community in St. Paul this summer during one or more of the following professional development institutes or programs. Our cutting edge professional development approach empowers formal and informal education professionals to create inclusive environments, eliminate disparities, and broaden participation in STEM. Please note, these workshops are fee based and will need to be covered by the participant.  For more information, go to this site.

  • Addressing Disparities in STEM Education: PAGE District Leadership Program July 10 – 14, plus 3 follow-ups
  • The Race Institute for School-Based Teams July 31-Aug 4, & Aug 7-11 (repeated)
  • STEM Equity in the Classroom, Aug 14-18,  
  • Student Engagement in the Elementary Classroom Jun 19-23