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ActivEpi Web, an electronic textbook for teaching epidemiology, available free on-line -

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Edna Kleinbaum 404-377-8807

ActivEpi Web, an electronic textbook for teaching epidemiology, available free on-line ATLANTA ….ActivEpi Web, a multimedia electronic textbook that provides an interactive resource to learn the fundamentals of epidemiology, is now available on-line at no cost. David Kleinbaum, Ph.D., professor of epidemiology at Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University, originally developed ActivEpi in 2001 as a CD Rom. Because many computers no longer have CD capability, Kleinbaum converted it to a Web format. “I consider this text an important educational gift to anyone, anywhere in the world and hope it has a major impact on education in the health, medical and mathematical/statistical fields,” said Kleinbaum who has written seven epidemiology textbooks and won numerous teaching awards during his 40-year career. “I hope it provides a clear understanding of how epidemiology links the health and medical sciences with mathematics and statistics.”

ActivEpi includes 15 lessons with narrated instructional expositions that use video and animation; interactive study questions and quizzes; and homework exercises. Topics covered include study designs, measures of frequency and effect, potential impact, overview of validity, selection information and confounding bias, effect modification, analysis of 2x2 tables, options for control of variables, stratified analysis, matching and introduction to logistic regression. Health professionals and students in the United States and abroad have used ActivEpi for standard lecture courses, online courses and individualized learning. A CD Rom version has been translated into Spanish for the Pan American Health Organization. ActivEpi Web can be accessed at The author’s website provides further details about ActivEpi Web and includes free Power Point instructional materials.


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