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A Stone Wall -
In 1948, the National Bureau of Standards (now the National Institute of Standards and Technology--NIST) constructed a 4-meter-high by 12-meter-long outdoor wall in Washington, DC to answer questions concerning the durability of common American building stones used in monuments and commercial and government buildings. The wall has 2300 stones most of which have come from samples collected and displayed at the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. For comparative purposes, there are unexposed specimens of the same stones in storage. The wall was moved (32-metric tons) to Gaithersburg, MD in 1977. Now, with an online site you can visit the wall: It includes a growing database on the individual stones it holds and eventually will include detailed petrologic studies relating each stone's mineralogical and texture attributes to is weathering and durability performance and pictures of well-known buildings constructed with specific stones will be available.


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