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CGEE at Hamline Univeristy is Welcoming Applicants for Physics4All and Chem4All Summer Institutes!

posted on 9:05 PM, May 5, 2012
Bringing science teachers together to review standards, concepts, strategies and resources for teaching Chemistry and Physics to a new demographic of student!

Have you recently been asked to teach high school chemistry or physics?  Feeling a little rusty?  Concerned about teaching chemistry or physics to all students?  Looking for new ideas, inquiry-based teaching approaches, some concept review, resources, and time to plan?

Download the flyer now!

Hamline University announces Chem4All and Physics4All – summer 2012 professional development workshops for science teachers to actively gain new skills and knowledge for effectively teaching chemistry and physics to all students.  Just as Minnesota school districts open multiple sections of chemistry, and others move to a Physics First approach to meet the new science graduation requirements for the class of 2015, Hamline University has received funding from the 3M Foundation to bring experienced and “newly-assigned” teachers together for a week of concept review, design of laboratory experiences, useful resources, effective teaching strategies, and curriculum planning - everything a "first-year" chemistry/physics teacher needs.

Join your colleagues at Hamline University this summer and get ready to teach chemistry or physics!  No cost for teachers. Programs are funded by the 3M Foundation and include free room and board for non-metro teachers, free parking, lunch provided each day, resources, and 30 hours of CE credit.  (Optional 2-credit course available, but not supported by the grant.)  Two regional Saturday follow-up sessions during the 2012-13 school year will be available.  Chem4All includes the option of co-teaching in your classroom with a master chemistry teacher.

Learn more here...the Chem4All Institute will run for two one week sessions and the Physics4All Institute will run for one week:

Registrations are still being accepted...but don't wait long!


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