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Upcoming Nobel Conference, "The Universe At Its Limits!"

In a few short weeks, students, teachers, and citizen scientists will gather for the 49th annual Nobel Conference!
posted on 8:57 PM, September 14, 2013
Did you know the Nobel Conference streams live online for FREE?! And MN Teachers have written curriculum for students to connect to this conference?
We live at a remarkable moment in the understanding of the most fundamental questions of science. What is the universe made of? Where did it come from? Where is it going? At Nobel Conference 49, “The Universe at Its Limits,” to be held on October 1 and 2, 2013, we will explore these questions in the light of recent discoveries and spend time contemplating both their scientific and their philosophical implications.

Western science has roots in ancient Greece, where two seemingly opposite lines of inquiry began over 2,000 years ago. The first was astronomy, the study of what is “outside,” beyond the boundaries of Earth. Over the centuries this discipline has looked outward to our solar system, our home galaxy, and beyond, to examine the large-scale structure of the Universe. The second was the study of “inside” matter, which began with the concept of the atom but has reached the realm of subatomic particles and the fundamental forces in nature.

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MnSTA members working in a grant funded program with GAC this past summer have created a set of curriculum to engage students in the topics of this conference!  Please download the material for FREE at:

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