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The Forgotten(?) Work of A.R. Wallance

This animation is fascinating...
posted on 10:12 AM, November 7, 2013

A. R. Wallace died 100 years ago today.  He was nearly 91. With Charles Darwin, he was the co-discoverer of natural selection. Brilliant, extremely generous,and modest to a fault. Jerry Coyne described him as "quirky."  Indeed. He is the father of biogeography and discovered 2% of all bird species (212 of 10,000 known today).

A wonderful and touching tribute, "The Animated Life of A. R. Wallace," produced by Flora Lichtman (who was co-host  with Ira Flatow of Science Friday  and Sharon Shattuck may be seen at the link below. I hope you will take the time (about 8 minutes) to view it and to honor this talented and persevering scientist/naturalist. It is beautifully done and narrated by two Wallace scholars.