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Possible SuperNova?!

Potential sightings Sun 3/15
posted on 10:11 AM, March 17, 2015

A forwarded email from Bob Riddle:

Hello All-

There is a possible, as in unconfirmed, nova that is within the teapot-shaped asterism of Sagittarius. The attached pictures are cropped portions of the original I took earlier. The original was taken with a 28mm lens set at 5 seconds at f3.5; ISO 3200.

The comet is currently at around 5th magnitude meaning that it could be seen with the naked eye in dark enough skies. From my picture location the sky was still too bright but I was pretty sure I saw the nova using 10x50 binoculars.

Images here:


Give it a try. Share any pictures with your colleagues.

This is a a link to the IAU web site where the possible Nova was reported and is now waiting for confirmation.

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Bob Riddle, Column Editor
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