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Deep Sea Neutrinos and Homemade Instruments

posted on 10:29 AM, March 7, 2016
Here are a pair of articles on interesting current topics in science!

A Deep Sea Detector?!

Here is the latest in the area of neutrino detectors and it will be anchored to the floor of the Mediterranean Sea.  It will be using Cherenkov light detectors attached to cables which will anchor the detectors to the sea floor.

Making Music with Marbles... 

Martin Molin who fronts the Swedish band Wintergatan, designed and constructed a musical instrument known as the "Marble Machine."
It is a Rube Goldberg pleasing contraption as described by NPR in this story.  And it is also beautiful. Amazing.
The article refers readers to his website which shows some of the details. Molin made use of 3D design software. This two month project turned into 14 months.
His website has as series of 8 fascinating videos!