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See the latest news from the Minnesota Academy of Sciences

by , posted on 6:08 PM, October 4, 2016
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Join us Tuesday, October 18, for a Science Salon with Dr. Ruth Petran (right), Dr. Scott Burnett and Tony Erickson to learn about Ecolab's work in food safety. "Food Safety & Bacterial Biofilm in the Food & Beverage Industry" will examine how trends and factors in food safety, and the tools available to the industry, impact the goal of a safe, high-quality food supply.

Stay Current, Stay Connected
Science Magazine offers its 10-question weekly quiz -- this one about quantum teleportation, animal communication and more.
The Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Hanna H. Gray Fellows Program will award up to 15 recipients with $60,000 of salary support and $20,000 in flexible funds .
Pittsburgh is testing a "predictive policing" program. Police car laptops will display maps showing locations where crime is likely to occur, based on data-crunching algorithms developed by scientists at Carnegie Mellon University.
Shu Lam, a 25-year-old PhD student at the University of Melbourne in Australia, has developed a star-shaped polymer that can kill six different superbug strains without antibiotics, simply by ripping apart their cell walls.
How many plants does it take -- and which ones -- to clear the VOCS in a room? A New York researcher has started exploring.
Hackers recently hijacked security cameras and video recorders to launch several massive Internet attacks. 
"I could imagine out of this meeting that groups of people could get together and start international collaborations the way the astronomers and the physicists have been doing for decades."
NANOBIOTECHNOLOGY: The Material Science of Nature
NANOBIOTECHNOLOGY: Materials Science in Nature
A TED Talk that walks through materials found throughout nature, in everything from cat fleas to sequoia trees, and shows how they are being harnessed in everything from sports shoes to medical implants.
MAS Networking
Science Salon
Dr. Marla Spivak talked with us about the state of pollinators at a September 22 Science Salon. Find the story here.

Local Program Winners
& 2017 Dates

High School, Macalester College,
January 21, 2017

Middle School, St. Thomas,
February TBD, 2017

Minneapolis Marriott City Center, 
30 South 7th Street,
March 25-27, 2017
Minneapolis Marriott City Center, 
30 South 7th Street,
tentatively March 25, 2017
Macalester College, St. Paul,
April 22, 2017
Physics Talk
The 11th annual Misel Family Lecture speaker at the University of Minnesota will be Professor John Preskill, California Institute of Technology. His talk is on "Quantum Computing and the
Entanglement Frontier." October 19, 2016, 7 p.m., McNamara Alumni Center. Free and open to the public. Details:
Science Conference
The National Science Teachers
Association (NSTA) regional conference will be in Minneapolis October 27-29, 2016. There will be over 275 sessions, many focused on STEM Instruction, Connecting Elementary Science and Literacy, and Teaching Science in a Connected World.