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Components of an NSTA Conference - Join us in Minneapolis!

by , posted on 11:19 AM, October 5, 2016
nsta conferences on science education Minneapolis, MN
Block off October 27-29 on your calendar this month for NSTA's Area Conference on Science Educationin Minneapolis!
Register by the advance deadline this Friday, October 7, for savings on registration.
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View the conference preview here
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Thirty- or sixty-minute sessions during which the presenters share an innovative teaching idea or the results of research, or discuss a topic of general or specific interest. 
Sixty-minute presentations that actively engage a limited number of participants in a hands-on activity. 
Invited Speakers
The General Session and featured presentations are a highlight of NSTA conferences. Get the latest on a variety of science and science education issues and research.
Browse more than 300 events and sessions here
NSTA Exhibits
NSTA exhibits give you the opportunity to examine a wide variety of teaching materials, from textbooks to laboratory equipment. 
Exhibitor Workshops
Sponsored by exhibitors, these workshops give teachers an opportunity to use a variety of instructional materials in a laboratory-like setting.
NSTA Science Store
You'll find hundreds of books that uniquely blend accurate science content with sound teaching strategies for science educators of all grade ranges and disciplines.
Make plans to attend early – the Oct 7 advance deadline still saves you $ 
Special Programming Days 
There are sessions lined up specifically for your interests like Physics Day, Engineering Day, and Chemistry Day.
Networking Opportunities

 Networking opportunities are a great way to meet your peers and share your experiences. Some events require tickets and some do not. 
Teachers around the country are telling us why they're attending an NSTA Conference...
"I feel like I need to be refreshed. After 28 years in the classroom I want to be revitalized and give me some new ideas get with the times!! This will only mean better opportunities for my kids."
– Emily Keeler

"It's important to continue learning and redefining your skills to encourage student growth and success!"  – Pamela Mclaughlin
"I love learning new ways to excite kids about science and new ways to teach about science!"
– Susan Brown
"I will be able to collaborate with science educators with a variety of experience levels and backgrounds. This experience will allow me to bring new engaging activities to my students."
– Patrick O'Neill