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Microgravity University for Educators

by , posted on 8:58 PM, October 27, 2016
Come spend a week at Johnson Space Center’s Space Vehicle Mockup Facility (expenses paid!) while you: •Test your students’ designs using NASA’s simulated microgravity environments •Earn Professional Development hours •Incorporate current NASA programs into your classroom

Microgravity University Program

Calling All Teachers

Microgravity University for Educators (MgUE) provides training on microgravity-related concepts, experimental testing using NASA's simulated microgravity test facilities, and post-experience outreach. MgUE begins with the submission of proposals from educators willing to perform experiments on behalf of K-12 students in simulated microgravity environments. Experiments involve student-derived solutions to technical problems, or improvements to existing solutions, identified by NASA scientists and engineers who use simulated microgravity environments in their work. Examples include designing a docking device that will lock with no given rotational force, designing a grapple structure to transfer cargo, and/or designs for tethers, satellite/asteroid capture or deployment, and astronaut training. Professional development for educators includes pre-requisite online training that prepares them to teach in-depth lessons about microgravity and how NASA simulates microgravity on Earth. Two face-to-face institutes will host groups of approximately 30 teachers each for one week at a NASA field center. Institutes provide opportunities for conducting student-derived experiments within a simulated microgravity environment. Each institute continues the training on NASA Education resources in microgravity related topics (i.e. law of gravity, free fall, orbital mechanics, long-duration spaceflight, etc.), presentations from subject matter experts, tours of center facilities, experimentation on a simulated microgravity test platform, and videoconferences with home campuses. Leading up to the institutes, educators are paired with JSC employee mentors who help them integrate student-derived experiments with the selected test facility. Also, educators are prepped for post-institute outreach activities where lessons and presentations developed through their participation are shared with the local, state, regional, and/or national education community.

Microgravity University for Educators (MgUE) Flyer (PDF)

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Hurry! Proposals are due December 1, 2016!

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