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Mississippi River Learning Opportunities 6th – 12th Grade

by , posted on 2:05 PM, December 14, 2016

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Mississippi River Learning Opportunities 6th – 12th Grade

Want to keep your students engaged with the Mississippi River through the winter?

Host a Plant Nursery at your school. Partner with the National Park Service to grow native plants from seed for the park’s habitat restoration events, a perfect hands-on learning opportunity in your school.

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What’s included in the plant nursery program?Students will learn about native plants, stewardship, and be able to exercise their green thumb. Park staff will give a presentation on the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, habitat restoration activities, and why native parries are important for the river. Students will then set up growing stations and plant native prairie seeds. You'll watch your seeds grow into young plants, and in May or early June restoration planting field trip at a park along the Mississippi River.

How can you participate?

Join our program! Classroom planting dates available: February 2, 3, 8 and 13. Contact Melissa at (651) 293-8468 or Regan at (651) 293-8478 with preferred dates and number of students.

 What does the school provide?

Tabletop or windowsill space for plant light, or space for shelves with plant lights.

 What does NPS provide?

The Park provides soil and native prairie seeds. A limited number of growing supplies are available. These supplies include plant trays, plant lights, capillary mats, heating mats, timers, power strips, and plant shelves. Teachers will be provided a School Nursey Teachers Guide, which offers a variety of classroom activities.

 Field Trip (optional but recommended!)

Restoration field trip can generally host 20-70. Dates available: May 30 and 31, June 1 and 2. Please give your interest and preferred dates to Mary at or call (651) 291-9119.


Stay warm,

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