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Learning to Read the Earth and Sky

by , posted on 12:31 PM, December 17, 2016
MnSTA Members,

Russ Colson, professor of geology at Minnesota State University Moorhead, and Mary Colson, earth science teacher in Moorhead and past MnSTA president, have recently published a book on earth science for secondary science teachers and others interested in the nature of science and the nature of science teaching.  
The book, "Learning to Read the Earth and Sky," tells stories from the classroom, stories from real research, and offers example classroom investigations.  It examines how classroom science and real research can be alike, with reference to the practices of science recommended by the Next Generation Science Standards.  You can find out more, examine a sample chapter, or buy the book at the NSTA Press bookstore (
Happy Reading and Holidays to all.
Lee Schmitt