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Middle School Life Science Teachers, Win a $200 Gift Card!

by , posted on 2:34 PM, March 23, 2017

Pilot-test an Assessment
Dear Middle School Life Science Teachers,
We need your help to pilot-test a three-dimensional assessment related to body systems to find out how well it captures student understanding. 
Teachers who have already taught body systems, have not yet taught body systems, or are in the middle of a body systems unit are welcome to pilot-test the assessment. Teachers who administer the assessment will be eligible for a drawing for a $200 gift card.
The Next Generation Science Standards-aligned assessment requires students to form an argument supported by evidence about how body systems work together. It includes both multiple choice and open-ended questions. The assessment should take students approximately 45 minutes to complete. We will not collect personal information about students—all data will be anonymous except the teacher’s name. 
If you are interested in participating, please email Jon Adams at for more information and a link to the assessment. We will be collecting pilot data through April.
Thank you in advance for your interest and consideration.
BSCS Senior Research Scientist
Please Note: If you are enrolled to participate in the 3DMSS field test, you are not eligible to pilot the assessment. Thank you for your understanding!