Professional Development

Exploring Environmental STEM At Blaine Wetland Sanctuary
posted on 9:55 AM, February 19, 2020
Educator training for teachers, after school providers, child care providers, scout leaders, or STEM coaches on May 9, 2020
Explore Space Technology: Engineering Design 101
posted on 8:57 AM, February 13, 2020
Find ways to explore the engineering design process in your classroom and its application to real-world problem-solving.
Educators : Research Cruise on Lake Michigan July 6-12, 2020
posted on 10:26 AM, February 10, 2020
The Center for Great Lakes Literacy and Great Lakes Sea Grant Network invite teachers working with 5th-12th grade students and informal educators with a Great Lakes focus to apply for a spot at the 2020 Lake Michigan Shipboard Science Workshop.
Minnesota Minerals Education Workshop (MMEW)
posted on 8:26 PM, February 7, 2020
The MMEW is a three-day workshop for K-12 Earth Science educators and pre-service teachers that offers short courses and field trips focused on the geology and mineral resources of Minnesota.
Ornithology online course
posted on 8:24 AM, February 6, 2020
The Cornell Lab’s Ornithology: Comprehensive Bird Biology course deepens your understanding of birds and helps you master everything from anatomy and behavior to ecology and conservation. (Continuing Education Units available)
February Educator Webinars from NASA
posted on 9:30 AM, January 30, 2020
This month, NASA presents webinars for teachers on topics such as "Celebrate Black History Month With NASA", "Robotics on a Budget", "Teaching Eclipses", and more.
Summer Institute for Climate Change Education
posted on 8:55 AM, January 30, 2020
Join together with educators from across the country for an impactful training on climate change education! Educators from all backgrounds and subjects are invited to attend and learn new ways to teach climate change.
Summer Physics/Physical Science Workshops at UW-River Falls
posted on 8:22 AM, January 29, 2020
Calculus for Mechanics and E&M in High School Physics and Astronomy Inquiry Methods & Activities for High School Science are two continuing education opportunities for Physics and Physical Science teachers to be offered at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls in June 2020.
Lake Superior as a Learning Tool
posted on 2:52 PM, January 16, 2020
Join us at the EPA lab to explore with local scientists, learn about current research in the region and how to adapt and incorporate place-based research into your curriculum.
Making Sense of Controversial Science in an Age of Polarized Politics
posted on 2:29 PM, January 16, 2020
Prof. Dietram A. Scheufele will discuss why we as a society sometimes are so divided in our interpretations of scientific facts and phenomena
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