Professional Development

Blended and Online Engineering Education Class
posted on 4:39 PM, April 24, 2018
Summer Engineering Ed classes at the University of St. Thomas.
Clarifying the Crosscutting Concepts – Preparing the Next Generation of Scientists
posted on 8:44 AM, April 24, 2018
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is sponsoring a FREE science webinar series in May on Crosscutting Concepts.
International Wolf Symposium Educator Day
posted on 12:43 PM, April 19, 2018
The International Wolf Symposium Educator Day can help you bring relevant, science-based activities and knowledge to your students.
Minnesota Aquaponics Symposium
posted on 9:19 AM, April 13, 2018
Gain hands-on practice with University of Minnesota aquaponics systems. The 2018 U of M Aquaponics Symposium will feature presentations and a student poster session, a tour of university aquaponics facilities, and hands-on demonstrations.
MN Codes Summit
posted on 1:59 PM, April 12, 2018
Join us for a day of hands-on sessions that explore ways to empower all learners through computer science and coding education, with a focus on equitable practices across a variety of curricular areas, K-12.
Advanced Placement® Teacher Training Institute at the University of Iowa
posted on 9:00 AM, April 10, 2018
The Advanced Placement® Teacher Training Institute (APTTI) provides comprehensive preparation for developing and teaching an AP® course. APTTI takes place June 26-29, 2018 at the University of Iowa’s Belin-Blank Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development.
Science Learning from the Works of Scientists: Close Reading in the Secondary Science Classroom
posted on 9:14 AM, April 9, 2018
Attention middle and high school science teachers: Join the Bakken Teacher Academy for a FREE full-day workshop!
Metro Area Science and Engineering Practices in Action workshop
posted on 2:17 PM, April 7, 2018
Join your Metro Region K-12 science teaching colleagues for an engaging workshop on the practice of Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions. We will experience a new K-12 online professional development resource you can share with science teachers in your district or school.
NASA Glenn Research Center - Out-of-School Time Funding Opportunity for Summer 2018
posted on 8:55 AM, April 5, 2018
NASA Glenn Engineering Design Challenge (EDC): Powered and Pumped Up. This challenge provides students the opportunity to work on real-world problems in a collaborative, team-based environment.
Earth Right Now: Water Filtration and Engineering Design
posted on 8:37 AM, April 5, 2018
Free webinar from NASA. Learn about ECLSS -- the Environmental Control and Life Support System aboard the International Space Station that reclaims waste water from crew members’ urine, cabin condensation and waste from spacewalks.
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