The following articles and resources can help you keep yourself, your students, and your classroom, safer from accidents. NSTA also has many resources on its website at
The Council of State Science Supervisors (CSSS) safety documents
posted on 11:06 AM, June 17, 2021
The Council of State Science Supervisors (CSSS) in conjunction with the safety professionals at Flinn Scientific Inc., updated the former CSSS safety documents into digital formats and modernized these three individual resources (2021) for use by educators across the USA. There is an Elementary Science Safety Document; a High School Science Safety Document; and an Elementary/Middle School STEM & Tool Safety Document for free download.
American Chemical Society Safety Videos
posted on 8:23 AM, March 15, 2019
ACS has produced a series of videos on safety in the high school chemistry lab.
How to Properly Dispose Chemical Hazardous Waste
by By Kenneth Roy | Published: November 28, 2018 in NSTA Blog
posted on 8:29 AM, November 30, 2018
Most middle and high school science laboratories produce chemical hazardous waste, but what exactly is it, and how do you dispose of it appropriately? Check out November NSTA Safety Blog Commentary by Dr. Ken, NSTA Chief Safety Compliance Adviser
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