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Contact Information


Send MnCOSE registrations, membership forms and payments, business matters, and all mail correspondences to

MnSTA Treasurer

526 Chapel Lane

Eagan, MN 55121


For questions about MnCOSE registrations, membership forms and payments, and business matters contact MnSTA Trearurer, Joe Reymann



For questions about the MnSTA organization contact Josh Tharaldson, MnSTA President



For regional and content concerns, newsletter, social media, and website: 

See the directory of the MnSTA Board of Directors here for contact information


For MnSTA Conference on Science Education (MnCOSE) concerns:


  • Presenters -  Nichole, 
  • Exhibitors/Financial/Registration - Joe, 
  • Web Systems - Conference Manager - Eric, 
  • Conference Coordinator - Mary, 


Address for official records:

Minnesota Department of Education - MnSTA
c/o Science Specialist
1500 Hwy 36 West
Roseville, MN 55113