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Contact Information

View our full directory of the MnSTA Board of Directors here.

Our mailing address is:
Hamline University MS-A1760
1536 Hewitt Ave.
St. Paul MN 55104
Our Executive Secretary is:
Ed Hessler
Hamline University
CGEE - Ed Hessler
1536 Hewitt Ave. MS-A1760
St. Paul MN 55104

Telephone: 651.523.2945
FAX: 651.523.3041
Do you have questions about our MnCOSE event?  Please contact one of these people from our MnCOSE Team:
  • Presenters -  Josh , or Mike 
  • Exhibitors/Financial/Registration - Joe, 
  • Web Systems - Conference Manager - Eric, 
  • Conference Coordinator - Mary, 


Our office is located on the campus of Hamline University.

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