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MnCOSE21 Call for Presenters

Jul 13, 2021 - Oct 21, 2021

Clear Vision for Science Education in Minnesota: All Students, All Standards, All Voices

MnSTA's premier professional development event, MnCOSE, can only occur because of the talented professionals that choose to present their work at our conferences.  Please consider sharing your specialty with your colleagues.  In exchange for your presentation, we'll provide a half-price registration rate of $30 for the entire conference by sharing a personal discount code for you to use once we approve your presentation in our system.

MnCOSE21 will be our second VIRTUAL conference! We had much fun and learned many things in our experience with MnCOSE20 Virtual.  New additions to 21 include a fresh set of strands - and a new toolkit for local groups that want to gather together in person to attend some or all of MnCOSE21 together!

All sessions will be presented virtually via Zoom within our conference web platform.  MnCOSE21 presenters must be MnSTA members at the time you register for the conference--and we welcome you to join MnSTA if you haven't already!

Each presentation session will be 50 minutes in our 4 days of sessions - please aim for up to a 40-minute presentation and time for 10 minutes of questions.  We're running 7 simultaneous strands of sessions each evening.

Our conference strands include presentations focusing on:

    • Life Sciences
    • Physical Sciences (Chemistry & Physics)
    • Earth & Space Sciences
    • Leveraging Technology: Lessons Learned from Distance Learning
    • Diversity and Inclusion: Equity, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Social-Emotional Learning in the Science Classroom
    • Science Communities: Learning, Growing, and Connecting with Others
    • Exhibitor Sessions: Presentations by Exhibitors on Products and Services

We recognize your session might fit MULTIPLE strands - and we ask you to check EACH strand that you feel your session will fit into.  Then our strand leaders will juggle sessions for the best balance.  Similarly, please indicate the GRADE RANGES appropriate to your presentation.  This information will be displayed with the session description (in lieu of grade-based strands).

MnCOSE Strand Leaders will be present to introduce you and to moderate your entire session!  You'll present in Zoom, though it will be embedded in our conference platform Whova for all participants to engage with you.  The strand leader will also facilitate the Q & A session with participants and support your tech needs.

We ask that you share your screen for presentation materials as well as make these available to participants as possible.

Each session will be recorded as it is presented.  These recordings will remain available to MnCOSE registrants throughout the entire 2021-22 academic year!

By submitting this proposal, you agree to abide by our MnCOSE21 Norms for the event and all MnCOSE21 Presenter Guidelines

If your proposal is approved, we will provide you with access to our online conference system called Whova - where you can upload additional information about your session.  We will send a confirmation and your scheduled time slot in weekly batches starting the week of 9/27/21.


Initial proposals are due to by submitted by Sept 25.  After acceptance, we'll direct you to our conference presentation system called Whova where you can upload materials.
  • If you're a member and logged in, use the 'Submit a Virtual Presentation Proposal Now' button below to enter your information.
  • If you're a member and not logged in, first login and then submit a proposal.
  • If you're not a MnSTA member, please join here!  Then upload your presentation proposal from this page.

Once a presentation is submitted, you'll be able to come back to this location and view and edit "Your Submissions" in the area below any time until we close the call for proposals.  Choosing to 'Submit Proposal' simply updates your information in our system to the latest version.


Our first round call for MnCOSE21 presentations closed on Sept 25, 2021.  We'll run a second round as well and will close the second round on Oct 16th!
We hope to have your ideas!

Please contact Eric after this date if you still have a proposal to submit.

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