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Our MnSTA Advocacy Committee keeps aware of important issues to science education in Minnesota.  Please visit our Legislative Alert page for current issues!

April 2022 Advocacy Committee Update:

We have worked the better part of this two year legislative cycle to garner support for the creation and introduction of a bill asking for funding appropriations to pay for creation and implementation of ongoing science professional development for K-12 Minnesota science educators, based on the new science standards and pedagogy.  Should we secure the funding for these professional development programs and workshops, science educators would have access to, AT LITTLE TO NO COST, targeted content and pedagogy professional development opportunities.  Finally, this funding would allow MnSTA to offer these professional development programs and workshops regionally, all over the state, and in various platforms. 

We, along with our partners, have been able to work with a handful of House and Senate members to draft and introduce HF3344 and SF3425 in this session.  The House bill, (HF3344) was included in the House Education Spending Bill.  Unfortunately, its companion bill in the Senate, (SF3425) has not.  Both the House and Senate bills must be included in their respective education spending bills, for there to be any chance of science professional development funding to be included in the Joint (House and Senate) Education Appropriations bill.  

WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!  We are mounting a letter writing campaign to ask for support for the Senate bill to be included in the Senate Education Spending bill.  The chair of the Senate Education Finance and Policy Committee, Senator Roger Chamberlain, is currently unwilling to hear the bill, or add it to the spending bill.  By sending letters of support to your Senators, we may be able to create enough pressure to prompt a change, and get SF3425 heard and added to the Senate Education Spending bill.  

Check the latest LEGISLATIVE ALERT for more information and to see how you can help!