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Why join MnSTA?

With science progressing at an incredible pace, it is vital for science educators to stay on the forefront, teach effectively, and prepare their students for the opportunities and careers of the 21st Century. If you are a science educator on any level-kindergarten through post secondary-we invite you to discover the advantages of MnSTA membership:

Gain the knowledge you need to be a cutting edge educator!

Keep up with all the latest developments in science education by attending MnSTA's fall and spring conferences. These popular, day-long events feature educational and inspirational speakers, as well as teaching tips and access to teaching resources such as product vendors and learning centers.

Network and learn from your peers!

Meet and learn from other colleagues in your specific discipline at a variety of mini-conferences. MnSTA hosts these events to give science educators a forum for sharing information, ideas and teaching techniques. As an MnSTA member you will be notified of all upcoming mini-conferences and invited to participate. A Best Practice Network, sponsored by MDE, consists of many MnSTA members who are available to assist other teachers.

Stay informed! Get a quarterly MnSTA Newsletter!

The MnSTA newsletter keeps you informed about what's hot in science education. It includes topical feature stories, local news, local achievement awards and organizational updates. The newsletter also promotes opportunities to get involved in upcoming events, apply for grants and nominate colleagues for Minnesota Teacher of the Year awards, a program for teachers of all grade levels. More information and updates are also available here on the MnSTA web site at

Take advantage of leadership opportunities!

The MnSTA Board of Directors is made up of volunteers from the science education field. They serve in a variety of roles including regional representative, discipline directors, and executive committee members. It's a great way to get involved in science education and develop a personal network of fellow educators, professionals and friends.

Help shape science education standards!

By joining and supporting the MnSTA, you can be instrumental in the progressive redesign of science education at the local, state, and national levels, including the implementation of the national Science Education Standards and the Minnesota Graduation Standards.

Make friends and have fun!

Most of our MnSTA members have one important thing in common - they enjoy their profession! Join MnSTA and share our enthusiasm for science, for teaching, and for working with kids! through our many events and networking opportunities, you're sure to make friends and have fun!

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