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ESTEP Participant Testimonials

"My comfort of these (new to me) Earth Science concepts in conjunction with the new 3-D standards has grown in immense ways. I have gone from being overwhelmed in concepts and the standards to beginning to feel comfortable in writing lessons with the standards and earth science phenomena in mind. I would never have sought to be licensed for (and be excited to teach) Earth Science were there not these amazingly supportive ESTEP courses."


"The program was well set up, ran smoothly, and I came away with material and changes that I can make right away. I also made connections with other teachers with similar content and got even more learning from them as well."


"ESTEP is one of the only professional development opportunities I've been to that was tailored to exactly what I needed. I felt like a thirsty woman encountering an oasis. I was able to walk away saturated with new and needed content knowledge as well as the valuable experiences of more seasoned educators. Do I still have questions about Earth Science and how to teach it? Of course! But this bootcamp also reinforced that questions are a good thing. In addition to the rich info on content and pedagogy, ESTEP gave me a much needed dose of enthusiastic science teacher camaraderie."


"I'm a veteran teacher and found this to be the most thought provoking and helpful training that I've ever been a part of. Full immersion Science content and pedagogical training with highly skilled leaders and participants. All Science teachers in Minnesota should participate in an ESTEP bootcamp for the well-being of our students and the advancement of statewide Science literacy."

"The ESTEP bootcamp was a revitalizing experience. I especially valued working with a dedicated group of fellow educators with a wide range of experiences to draw from throughout our collaborative processing and planning. The mix of content knowledge and pedagogy lit a fire under me that will inspire my work for years to come."
"ESTEP helped encourage me to think differently about lesson planning and expectations. With this new knowledge I hope to better serve my students the learning experiences they deserve. I also love that I met new colleagues to lean on and encourage!"
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Funding for this project was provided by the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund as recommended by the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR).