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To what grade range(s) of leaners does your presentation best fit?
 13 and beyond  

Do we have permission to record your session and make it available online to registrants?


Into which of our conference strand(s) does your presentation best fit?
 Elementary Science Education  
 Physics Education  
 Chemistry Education  
 Life Science Education  
 Earth Science Education  
 Diversity Equity Inclusion, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Social and Emotional Learning  
 Distance Learning Education  
 3 Dimensional Science Teaching and Learning  

What is your position within your organization?

During which of the following conference dates are you available to present? [Please include all that can work for you!]
 Thurs PM, Nov 12  
 Fri PM, Nov 13  
 Mon PM, Nov 16  
 Tue PM, Nov 17  

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