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twitterWhat a great time to learn to Tweet! this column

Tweet this column!

Hello.  This is intended to be a brief introduction on how folks can use twitter to both learn about things that are important to them and communicate with others.  Twitter limits us to a maximum of 140 characters.

Quick into on trading info thru twitter in 140 or less.

To sign up for twitter, you must go to and create an account.


We will address some pop-culture references and trivia first.  A hash-tag is when the # symbol precedes a word.  A hash-tags is often used to serve one of two purposes. It can be used to categorize a tweet to make it searchable for a group (use the magnifying lens to search).  #MNCOSE20 included in a tweet makes your tweet show up for folks that are trying to find information about MnCOSE's 2020 meeting.   If you want to find out what is going on at 2020 MnCOSE, you could search #MNCOSE20.  The second way a hashtag is to indicate humor or to put a tweet in perspective.

Include #mncose__ when tweeting about conference so folks can follow.  #WeAreAllWinning

If you are replying to a tweet it will start with "@nameyouare replyingto" and some space for your reply.  If you add text after the twitter handle, the twit will only go to that person and won't show up on a general twitter news feed.  If you want the reply to show up on a general feed, add a symbol before the twitter handle to which you are replying.

@MnSTA1 when is the #MNCOSE conference?


@plulai #MNCOSE20 starts Nov 12 online! This is only sent 2 u @plulai


. @plulai #MNCOSE20 starts Nov 12 online. Should show up on everyones twitter feed.

There are a few options for adding a website link to your tweet.

You can copy/paste the address to the end of your tweet.  Twitter  will abbreviate the tweet.

You can copy/paste the address into something like BITLY to abbreviate the link.  Then paste that shortened link into your tweet.

If you create a bitly account and use bitly links, you can check to see how many times your bitly link has been used by others.


. @plulai #MNCOSE20 starts Nov 12 online.  Check the link for more info

If you are talking to someone and you have 2 or 3 tweets to send to make your point (more than 3 and it probably doesn't belong on twitter), you can end the first tweet and start the second tweet with a "+"

@MnSTA1 I am trying to register for #MNCOSE20.  I went to the website then +


+ @MnSTA1 then scrolled to the bottom for the registration information.  Found prelim info at #MNCOSE20 #Awesome

Our thanks to @plulai for preparing this tutorial!