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MnCOSE16 Presentations

Aug 13, 2015 - Jan 22, 2016

MnSTA's premiere professional development event, MnCOSE, can only occur because of the talented professionals that choose to present their work at our conferences!

Please consider sharing your specialty with your colleagues.  In exchange for your presentation, we'll provide a significantly reduced registration rate to the conference by sharing a personal discount code for you to use once we approve your presentation in our system.

This year, we are using a system that will allow you to submit your presentation information to us as well as come back and upload your presentation and handouts into our system.  We're excited for our MnCOSE team to be able to review proposals digitally prior to approval.
We'll reopen the system for you to upload presentations in JANUARY - these are not required to be completed at the December date.
If you're a member and logged in, go to the submissions page with the link at the top and then use the 'NEW SUBMISSION' button below to enter your information.  If you're a member and not logged in, you must login to submit a proposal.
Once a presentation is submitted, you'll be able to come back to this location and view and edit "Your Submissions" in the area below any time until we close the call for proposals.  Choosing to 'Submit Proposal' simply updates your information in our system to the latest version.
This Call for Proposals for MnCOSE16 closes on Dec 22, 2015.



MnSTA 2016 Conference on Science Education