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Graduate Credit for MnCOSE17

It is possible to enroll in a course through Hamline University and earn graduate credit for MnCOSE17.


MnSTA Professional Development Conference in Science Education
November 10-11, 2017
, St. Cloud MN 

Course Number: SCED 6998-14750
Course Timeline: November 10-11, 2017 (course opens) to December 3, 2017 (course ends).
Instructor: Edward Hessler, ,  651.523.2945

This 1.0 credit course costs $260.  To enroll, download this form and follow the instructions. 


  1. Attendance and full participation in the MnSTA MnCOSE conference.
  2.  Short journal entries (2-3 paragraphs) for each session attended on content/, insights, and reflections and its potential impact on your teaching. Each entry is to include the session title and session presenter. These entries can include comments about curriculum (concepts), instruction (classroom/laboratory) and assessment. Each entry is to include a question you have as a result of attending the session and the “take home” message.
  3.  IF you lead a session describe your intentions, what you did, what went “well” and what didn’t go “well.”  Include what you mean by “well” and “not well” and what you would do to improve/change the presentation.  What you learned from leading this session?
  4.  If you attend the pre-conference event (November 9, 2017) respond just as you did for Item #2 above.
  5.  What are three things you learned that you are likely to use in your classroom?
    1. Identify one new big idea that you gleaned from ANY session.
    2. What learning goal could result from this new learning?
    3. Describe how you will reach this goal.
    4. What specific evidence will you gather to assess progress toward reaching this goal?
    5. Identify the relevant standard and benchmark from the Minnesota Academic Standards in Science (relevant science discipline).
    1. What it means to you to attend a professional development conference.
    2. Why making attendance possible at a professional development conference is a worthwhile investment for taxpayers and your school district/employer.
    3. Opportunities for networking are often described as a reason for attending a professional development conference. What are three things you learned/can use as a result of networking.
    4. Your expectations (3) for this conference and how well you thought they were met with reasons supporting your answers.
    5. Discuss your practical, every day philosophy of teaching (choose grade level/course) and the influence of the MnSTA MnCOSE conference on further sharpening it.
    6. By year’s end what are the most important goals you want your students to have achieved?
    7. Professional development conferences can reveal something one would like to learn more about, e.g., content, how to do something, how to improve/change one’s teaching, etc. If you had this experience what is it you would like to know more about and your reason.
    8. Comment on the usefulness of this assignment to your professional goals.

The course ends December 3, 2017.  Please submit your responses to me by that date.

Thank you.

I want to give you an idea of grading criteria. The grades are A, B (with +/-) and Incomplete.

     (A). Use of language and English is flawless. Written response contains a compelling synthesis of what you learned and why attendance was important.  Response to philosophy of teaching and goals for students is insightful and apt showing evidence of careful analytic self-examination.

     (B) Use of language and English has errors. The account of what was learned is superficial (fragmentary and sketchy). Response to philosophy of teaching and goals for students is not clear, requiring “reading between the lines” (inference).