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Newton's Laws - Words by Bill Franklin 1998, tune by Ginger Hildebrand

posted on 9:40 AM, July 8, 2010
In physics there s a law that objects moving
Keep moving until forces make them stop.
When Galileo found it, physics started,
So on your list, put it at top.

A second law was added by Sir Isaac:
Resultant force produces change; in fact,
If objects change in speed or in direction,
In every case, net forces act.

His third law deals with objects that are touching.
Well, actually they never touch, you see,
But still they push the same on one another.
Oh, how can that possibly be?

And each and every mass throughout creation
Attracts the other ones with gravity,
Decreasing with the square of separation,
A matter of geometry.

This law, for which Sir Isaac is most famous,
Explains the paths of planets round the sun,
And why the tides flow ceaselessly on beaches.
Joined Earth and sky, stunned everyone.

Two hundred years and more these laws were tested,
In every time and place they checked out right,
Til Einstein dared to dream of light-speed travel.
Changed everything, oh, he was bright.

Then Niels Bohr took a look at glowing atoms,
And could they little suns and planets be,
But found that changes they could not make smoothly
In radius, or energy.

And soon it seemed that chance controls electrons;
That probability rules everywhere.
Tho Einstein never found this to his liking -
Does God throw dice? Does He not care?

Today we see that Newton s laws stand firmly
For everything we deal with day and night,
Above the realm of atoms and electrons,
And well below the speed of light.

So learn them well, and they ll solve all your problems.
Well, not all, but certainly a lot -
All problems you might have involving forces.
Remember well! Forget them not!