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The Minnesota Science and Technology Library

What is the Minnesota Science Technology Library?

The Minnesota Science Technology Library (MSTL) is a program sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Children, Families, and Learning (DCFL) and the Minnesota Science Teachers Association (MnSTA) to allow Minnesota science teachers to reserve a class set (approximately 10) of Vernier LabPros and sensors for about a week to use with students

What is a LabPro and what sensors are available through the MSTL?

A LabPro is an electronic device produced by Vernier Software and Technology which connects to either a computer (PC or Mac) or a TI Graphing calculator to collect data through the use of various sensors. The following sensors are available through the MSTL: Gas Pressure Sensor, Light Sensor, Stainless Steel Temperature Probe, Motion Detector, Microphone, and Voltage Probe.

How can I learn how to use the LabPro and sensors?

To learn more about using a LabPro in your classroom attend a workshop at the MnSTA Fall or Spring Conference, a regional technology workshop, or contact a Minnesota Science Best Practice Technology Committee Member. Vernier Software and Technology has some free sample labs that use the LabPro and sensors. Go to www.vernier.com and click on "Free Stuff". Once there click on "Sample Labs".

How Can I reserve a set of LabPros to Use with Students?

Borrowing the following is free and it is easy. At least a month before the equipment is needed complete the request form and send to the loan program coordinator. Equipment is reserved on a first come basis. Equipment is normally borrowed for a week. The shipping costs, both to and from your school, will be taken care of without cost to you.

Where do I get more information?

Contact the MSTL loan program coordinator, Steve Ethen, at 952-707-2269 or