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Criteria for Exemplar Analog Lessons

Minimum requirements

  1. Does not require internet access, computer devices, or cable TV
    1. May use communications or access by telephone, texting, local radio, or local TV
  2. Identifies and builds knowledge in at least one Minnesota content area benchmark.
  3. Students increase skill in at least one or more Nature of Science and Engineering benchmark, inquiry/engineering skill, or Science and Engineering Practice
  4. Reasoning above Depth of Knowledge 1 (simple recall) 
  5. It can be implemented with materials available at home or in the nearby outdoor environment.
    1. No need to go out and purchase in the store.
    2. Materials could be supplied by the school or other means for all students that do not have them.
  6. Requires minimal supervision by adults or older youth (This is grade dependent.)
  7. Safety concerns are addressed and accommodated


Exemplary Characteristics (lessons must meet one or more - the more the better)

  1. Integrates more than one 2009 standard area or content area (e.g. literacy) so that students increase knowledge or skill in each of the integrated areas.
  2. Uses a phenomena approach with students asking questions and working to provide explanations
  3. Has students provide evidence and reasoning for their thinking
  4. Supports differentiation for student needs (languages, abilities, extension)
  5. Promotes collaboration among students
  6. Promotes communication and updates with the teacher
  7. Use of science notebooks rather than worksheets
  8. Relevant/Applicable to student lives/interests
  9. Project-based and manageable with minimal directions in order to promote individual questioning, creativity, problem-solving and decision making

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