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Ecology Science Fair
posted on 2:41 PM, January 16, 2020
The Ecology Science Fair centers on student-driven investigations in ecology, encouraging students to engage in all steps of the research process, including the important final step of data presentation.
Science MCA new Test Specifications
posted on 12:17 PM, January 15, 2020
MCA-IV Draft Test Specifications for Science: Public Review Period through February 17, 2020
Engineering Machine Design Contest
posted on 11:48 AM, January 13, 2020
The Engineering Machine Design Contest is an opportunity for teams of 3-10 students to design and build a complex machine using everyday objects with the guidance of a coach.
Physics Force Public Show
posted on 1:36 PM, January 9, 2020
The show is a unique mix of physics demonstrations and slapstick humor suitable for adults and children of all ages. Join us to experience how physics is interesting, understandable and fun!
January 2020 Science Update
posted on 11:47 AM, January 9, 2020
The January Edition of MDE Science Specialist John Olson's Science Update is now available.
Activity: Modeling the Structure of DNA
posted on 8:10 AM, January 9, 2020
In this activity from hhmi BioInteractive, students build a paper model of DNA and use their model to explore key structural features of the DNA double helix.
Genes in Space
posted on 2:37 PM, January 8, 2020
A free experimental design competition where students propose research projects to be carried out in space.
The Top Ten Scientific Discoveries of the Decade
posted on 11:04 AM, January 2, 2020
Smithsonian Magazine picks the top ten scientific discoveries from 2010 - 2019.
2019’s Science Breakthrough of the Year and runners-up
posted on 10:12 AM, January 2, 2020
The editors and writers of the journal Science describe the top scientific breakthroughs of the year.
Climate Conversations for Teens
posted on 9:52 AM, December 28, 2019
January 5, 2020: A day of discussion and activity about Minnesota and the climate for teens, by teens.
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