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Resources from BSCS
posted on 9:05 AM, August 10, 2022
Discover resources to support classroom instruction, professional learning, leadership work, and citizen science efforts.
Resources from AACT
posted on 8:48 AM, August 10, 2022
The American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) is here to support the success of educators by providing quality resources, professional development, and networking opportunities.
National Space Design Competition
posted on 12:29 PM, August 5, 2022
National Space Design Competition, hosted by StellarXplorers, challenges teams of students across the country to solve real-world orbit determination, satellite component planning, and launch vehicle selection scenarios presented in a series of online rounds.
2023 NASA Drop Tower Challenges
posted on 11:10 AM, August 2, 2022
Teams of grade 8-12 students are challenged to design and build simple devices which, in normal gravity will float in water, but which will submerge as far as possible because of wetting characteristics when they experience apparent weightlessness.
Phet Virtual Workshops
posted on 10:09 AM, July 22, 2022
New to Phet simulations? These self-paced Virtual Workshops may help.
Nature of Science Lesson Sets from NCSE
posted on 6:16 PM, July 19, 2022
These five lesson sets were developed with the help of practicing science teachers and tackle the most common and pervasive nature of science misconceptions that students bring to the classroom.
NOAA Sea to Sky: Education resource database
posted on 5:32 PM, July 19, 2022
A searchable database of education resources created by NOAA and our partners
Conservation Crew
posted on 8:18 AM, July 14, 2022
Conservation Crew is a youth-led extracurricular program that engages middle school students in learning and leadership around conservation opportunities in their schools.
We Are Water MN
posted on 9:43 AM, July 8, 2022
A partnership of seven statewide organizations, “We Are Water MN” tells Minnesota’s water stories, bringing together personal narratives, historical content, and scientific information.
STEM Day at the State Fair
posted on 11:34 AM, July 7, 2022
SciMathMN brings together over 30 STEM education providers and business supporters to engage in hands-on, fun activities. It’s a celebration that attracts fairgoers to the exhibit area and the adjoining stage performances.
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