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Help out a college student with her senior thesis
posted on 5:33 PM, January 21, 2019
High school science teachers: Please take a short survey concerning your integration of technology-based assessments in your classrooms.
Rolling from Inquiry into Engineering Design
posted on 2:18 PM, January 16, 2019
Jill Jensen, MnSTA Elementary Rep., recently wrote a guest blog for NSTA entitled "Rolling from Inquiry into Engineering Design".
NABT Outstanding Biology Teacher Award
posted on 1:26 PM, January 16, 2019
Nominate yourself or another deserving biology teacher for the NABT Outstanding Biology Teacher Award.
MPR: "Inside a Minnesota high school where climate change is the focus"
posted on 2:52 PM, January 11, 2019
MPR recently had an story by Cody Nelson about the School of Environmental Studies in Apple Valley, MN.
The Wandering Naturalist Podcast
posted on 12:25 PM, January 11, 2019
Brandon Baker and Angela Grill of the Three Rivers Park District have started a podcast looking at a different natural and/or cultural history topic each month. This Month's topic: Snow.
Announcing the Genes in Space 2019 US contest
posted on 8:56 AM, January 9, 2019
Genes in Space is a free science competition for students in grades 7-12. The 2019 competition will begin accepting submissions on January 14th.
Legislative Alert
posted on 6:36 PM, January 8, 2019
The Minnesota Rural Education Association (MREA) is proposing changes to statute 120B.023 that would make the third science credit required for high school graduation a potpourri of choices that may result in students missing exposure to essential knowledge and skills, and that all of the academic standards in science will not be addressed.
MnSTA Region 4 Board of Directors Opening
posted on 6:33 PM, January 3, 2019
The MnSTA Board of Directors is looking for someone to represent Region 4.
National Center for Science Education
posted on 9:14 AM, January 3, 2019
Need help teaching topics such as evolution or climate change? The National Center for Science Education can help.
MDE Science Update for January 2019
posted on 8:56 AM, January 3, 2019
The January issue of the Science Update from MDE Science Specialist John Olson is now available.
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