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posted on 10:28 AM, July 8, 2010
1. The rolling boulder crashing down the mountain That’s Kinetic Energy
The boulder sitting high up on the mountain —
That’s Potential Energy

Chorus. Energy in motion is Kinetic
Energy that’s waiting is Potential
But whether it’s Kinetic or Potential
Both of them are energy! (Ole!)

2. You stretch a rubber band and then release it —
That’s Kinetic Energy
You stretch a rubber band and then you hold it —
That’s Potential Energy

3. The heat that comes when gasoline is burning —
That’s Kinetic Energy
The energy that gasoline has stored up —
That’s Potential Energy
— from “Ballads for the Age of Science,” by Hy Zaret and Lou Singer — recorded by Tom Glazer and Dottie Evans, “Energy & Motion Songs” Motivation Records MR 0314, Argosy Music Corporation, NYC