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Astronomy & Space Science

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Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive -
Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education -

Civil Air Patrol invites home educators to join its Aerospace Education Member (AEM) program, which unlocks access to STEM kits and science & aerospace-themed curriculum. After the $35 membership fee, there is no additional cost! Find out more by watching the six-minute video at:

Home Science: Backyard Astronomy Basics -

Are you fascinated by stars, comets, planets, and other celestial bodies you can glimpse in the night sky? Many aspiring astronomers start out at home, in their own backyard. It is possible to observe quite a lot about our solar system using basic telescopes or even the naked eye, but there are also many tools that can help you identify what you’re seeing and learn more about what’s out there.

NASA Education Resources -

Search hundreds of resources by subject, grade level, type and keyword

NASA Express -

Weekly newsletter for teachers.

NASA STEM @ Home Resources -
Back-To-School learning adventure with lesson plans, hands-on activities, virtual learning tips and more.
NASA Wavelength -

NASA Wavelength is a digital collection of Earth and space science resources for educators of all levels


The Native Skywatchers initiative seeks to remember and revitalize indigenous star and earth knowledge. The overarching goal of Native Skywatchers is to communicate the knowledge that indigenous people traditionally practiced a sustainable way of living and sustainable engineering through a living and participatory relationship with the above and below, sky and earth.

Resource Guides for Astronomy and Astronomy Education -

The freely available guides include “Women in Astronomy: Accomplishments and Challenges,” “Resources for Teaching about Pluto, the Kuiper Belt, and ‘Planet 9’,” “Copyright-free Images for all Messier Objects,” “Web Resources for Debunking Astronomical Pseudo-science,” “Plays about Astronomers” and more.

Star Size Comparison -

Video comparing the sizes of planets and stars in the Universe by morn1415.


Stargazing Essentials: Top 6 Things to See with Your First Telescope -

While you can see a lot with the naked eye, you can see even more when you look at the night sky with your first telescope. We hope this article will help you get started with some of our favorite things to see with a telescope.

Stellarium Web Online Star Map -

View the current night sky from your computer.

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