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Web Resource -

CLEAN: Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network

A collection of 700+ free, ready-to-use learning resources rigorously reviewed by educators and scientists suitable for secondary through higher education classrooms.

Climate Change Resource -
Glenn Branch, National Center for Science Education has been reviewing the continuing reaction to climate change change denial propaganda campaign aimed at teachers. 
One publication from the Paleontological Research Institution is titled The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change
It was published April 2017 and a PDF may be reviewed as well as down-loaded if you want a print copy.
Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops -

A series of short, free, documentary videos, along with an accompanying science curriculum for grades 6 -12, teach the next generation about the urgency of climate change.

Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy -

Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy is a nationally connected and trusted nonprofit dedicated to climate literacy, climate change education, youth leadership and citizen engagement for innovative climate change solutions.

Climate Science Concepts Fit Your Classroom -

This free online Workbook is designed to be used by college faculty and secondary school science teachers.

Conservation Crew -

Conservation Crew is a youth-led extracurricular program that engages middle school students in learning and leadership around conservation opportunities in their schools.

Environmental Science -'s mission is to be the most reliable and expansive advocate for environmental science education and careers.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards in the United States -

This webpage describes Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards for vehicles in the US under the law.


Guide to Data Science and Sustainability -
Here at we recently published a guide titled “Data Science and Sustainability” and I thought it would be a great resource for your students. The guide covers an overview of the intersection between Environmental Science and Data Science and how the two can be combined to better tackle sustainability issues. There are also recommendations on how to become a contributor to the sustainability movement as well as career resources for those interested in a career in environmental sustainability.
Guidebook to Sustainable Cities -
Kidwind Project -

KidWind has been helping students and teachers learn about wind energy for 15 years.

Letsgosolar -
The impacts of global warming can feel overwhelming, but with the right resources and information everyone can make a positive difference for the future. The team and I have created a practical guide that spells out the challenges we face and gives actionable ideas for curbing climate change.
NOAA Professional Development -

Teachers need accurate information and resources to integrate ocean, coastal, and climate science into local and state curricula. These resources provide a variety of lesson plans, background information, resource links, tutorials, archived professional development seminars, media galleries, and interactive tools that can be used in a variety of ways in grades 5-12. Many of the resources provided here were created in partnership with the National Science Teachers Association. Teachers can access resources in additional topics at the NSTA Learning Center site,

Power of Minnesota documentary -

The Power of Minnesota is a digital storytelling project that shares the experiences of the people behind Minnesota’s clean energy economy.

Solar Panels in Minnesota -
Student's Guide to Global Warming -
Understanding Climate Change and Solar Energy -
University of Illinois Extension -

The University of Illinois Extension has many resources for all ages such as Riding the Winds with Kalani and Shake, Rattle and Slide


Water Footprint Calculator -

These science teacher resources help you educate students on water issues and how to conserve.

Water Guardians -

Water Guardians is a free curriculum consisting of five lesson plans that will take your students on a journey from the start of the Mississippi River, down to the Gulf of Mexico, and off to other parts of the world. During this time you and your students will learn about the global water crisis and be inspired to make change in your own communities and beyond.

Water Science for Schools -
Watersheds -

Ralph S. Hosmer, First Terrestrial Forester, Hawaii once said,  "In Hawai'i, the most valuable product of the forest is water, not wood."

The Hawaii Association of Watershed Partnerships  website includes information on what a watershed is, why watersheds matter, a gallery of images, and linkages between forested watersheds and Native Hawaiian cultural resources.

Hosmer's quote is one of those that makes you think.

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