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Simulations, Animations & Video

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ACS Middle School Chemistry -

Multimedia animations and video demonstrations from the American Chemical Society.


Annenberg Learner -[]=SCI

Interactive simulations for a variety of topics.

bioGraphic for Educators -

These immersive infographics, data visualizations, and videos make great interactive learning resources for secondary students or science teachers. All come straight from bioGraphic, a multimedia magazine powered by the California Academy of Sciences.

Glencoe virtual labs -

Virtual labs and animations created by Glencoe.

HHMI Biointeractive animations -
HHMI Biointeractive multimedia -

Virtual labs and interactive videos.

My Molecularium -

My Molecularium is a fun and challenging molecule building game. Launch atoms at target bond sites to assemble essential molecules of increasing complexity and difficulty. Move your device to direct your shots using our innovative laser-guided aim.

Have fun learning about molecules as you play.

PBS Learning Media -

Multimedia resources from PBS.

PhET Simulations -

Interactive simulations.

Realism Virtual Lab Simulations -

Virtual science labs: inquiry driven gamified education


Science By Simulation -

Welcome to Science By Simulation. We are enabling modern science education through innovative software tools based on modeling and simulation techniques. These tools are designed to be incorporated into undergraduate and high school courses in both pure and applied sciences, allowing students and teachers to turn their laptops and tablets into powerful virtual labs and analytical platforms. All of our tools are web apps, so there is nothing to install and you can get started instantly. Our current offerings are in the areas of chemistry, physics, geosciences, and environmental science.


SimBucket -

Chemistry and Physics simulations including chemistry simulations formerly on ChemThink.

The Concord Consortium -

Interactive STEM activities.

Yenka Technology -

Yenka is a range of simulation and modelling software, designed specifically for use by schools and their students.

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