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Edna Kleinbaum 404-377-8807

ActivEpi Web, an electronic textbook for teaching epidemiology, available free on-line ATLANTA ….ActivEpi Web, a multimedia electronic textbook that provides an interactive resource to learn the fundamentals of epidemiology, is now available on-line at no cost. David Kleinbaum, Ph.D., professor of epidemiology at Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University, originally developed ActivEpi in 2001 as a CD Rom. Because many computers no longer have CD capability, Kleinbaum converted it to a Web format. “I consider this text an important educational gift to anyone, anywhere in the world and hope it has a major impact on education in the health, medical and mathematical/statistical fields,” said Kleinbaum who has written seven epidemiology textbooks and won numerous teaching awards during his 40-year career. “I hope it provides a clear understanding of how epidemiology links the health and medical sciences with mathematics and statistics.”

ActivEpi includes 15 lessons with narrated instructional expositions that use video and animation; interactive study questions and quizzes; and homework exercises. Topics covered include study designs, measures of frequency and effect, potential impact, overview of validity, selection information and confounding bias, effect modification, analysis of 2x2 tables, options for control of variables, stratified analysis, matching and introduction to logistic regression. Health professionals and students in the United States and abroad have used ActivEpi for standard lecture courses, online courses and individualized learning. A CD Rom version has been translated into Spanish for the Pan American Health Organization. ActivEpi Web can be accessed at The author’s website provides further details about ActivEpi Web and includes free Power Point instructional materials.

As Many Exceptions As Rules -
Exceptions to natural and biological rules as well as amazing stories of adaptation and diversity are used to illustrate and reinforce the core concepts of biology.Each post includes definitions and etymology of vocabulary, links to additional information, and classroom activities.
CDC Home Page -
Coelacanth Animation -

The animators extraordinaire, Flora Lichtman and Sharon Shattuck trace "the coelacanth's incredible journey through several distinct geological periods until its recent resurfacing when it was found (alive and) to be nearly unchanged" over the 65 million years or so it was considered an ancient fossil.

Discoveries such as this are also the story of people, sometimes of a single person. There are two main players. Lichtman and Shattuck organize this story around the work of Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer, the curator of the local museum who sought to preserve the find.

h/t Aeon (This short video is part of the Biointeractive/New York Times "Animated Life" collection of five scientific pioneers and their discoveries:

Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers -

Thanks to generous support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the National Science Foundation and the Cornell Biotechnology Program, CIBT has developed over 100 labs and classroom activities. All of our labs and classroom activities are available for download at no charge!

inquiryHub Biology -

inquiryHub Biology is an open access, deeply digital high school biology curriculum
designed to support the Next Generation Science Standards.

List of World Bumblebees -
The Natural History Museum, London indexes bumblebees (genus Bombus) of the world at List of World Bumblebees. The list is searchable by biogeographic region or species name. There is a map showing bumblebee densities of the world, a scatterplot showing the relationship between date of first description, taxonomic synonymies and range size, links to references. There is also a clickable cladogram with links to biogeographic maps and information. There are colorful images of bumblebees, too (.gif).
NIH STEM Teaching Resources -

NIH has free K- 12 STEM resources

Photosynthesis -

This multipart animation series explores the process of photosynthesis and the structures that carry it out.

Project Albatross -

Project Albatross is a 100% volunteer initiative that exists to provide resources and instruction for Biology learners who are not able to access regular school-based instruction during the COVID-19 crisis. It has two major goals:

  1. Connect biology students who want to learn in a synchronous learning environment, but are currently unable to due to the closure of their school with biology teachers who are able to provide 30-minute lessons on particular topics.

  2. Provide students with a collection of biology learning resources that have been vetted and curated by biology educators. - Free Biology Education Resource -
SPO features completely developed and classroom-tested secondary school and college-level microbiology, cell biology, general biology, and soon anatomy & physiology course materials, including PowerPoint lectures, laboratory exercises, homework assignments, practice test questions, study guides, sample syllabi, as well as a science photos and video library. The site also has a Home School and Classroom Science section for primary school-age children. This part of the site offers fun scientific activity ideas, methods and results of experiments, as well as science coloring pages, word searches, photos and videos.
Spider Pharm -
Spider Pharm and have developed a technique to remove venom from spiders (much of the venom is used in neuroscience research).
SR Education Group, and online education publisher with Bio resources -
We recently compiled a complete guide to online biology programs. It covers everything from degree levels to career opportunities to accreditation. We believe it's the most comprehensive guide out there and we'd love for you to take a look... Kimberly Wetter SR Education Group Tel: (425) 605-8898
The Return of Wolves: Isle Royale National Park -

The film “The Return of Wolves: Isle Royale National Park,” and the accompanying free educational plans “Lessons from the Wilderness”, offer the opportunity to teach students about the unique relationship between wolves and moose on Isle Royale National Park and how it alters the ecosystem

The Whole Brain Atlas -

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